New Realm Images

The subjects of these photographs are not computer generated. I use analog procedures (involving LED, incandescent, refracted and reflected light) finding strategies of capturing images that suggest simulated life forms, objects and structures. I try to locate and record these images/entities that lie on the edge between still visual order and material displacement.

These photographs are an extension of explorations in sculpture, kinetics and light. The material-based design processes in the sculptural research naturally lead to machines that move and find mechanical expression in real time by employing photography, video processes, and projected light/images. I had the realization that light phenomena and other objects from my sculpture could be used to create another source of visual expression through photography.

This exploration gives me glimpses into a new realm where a visual medium  yields images that have their origins in my own subconscious. There is a sentient quality to some of the imagery. This takes me closer to realizing the human desire to create life outside our symbolic order of things.